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Practice English on your own!

From June 21-July 4, we will take a little break from English classes, but I will look forward to seeing you when classes start again on July 5th!

See the new class schedule and register via Zoom for all the classes you are interested in on our Groups page here.

In the meantime, I encourage you to keep practicing English! When you would usually have class (such as Wednesday evening for TOEFL prep), I encourage you to still save that time for English prep and practice it on your own.

Here are a few ideas to practice English on your own:

  • Practice the SAT for free on Khan Academy website.

  • Learn new GRE and TOEFL vocabulary with Magoosh flashcards.

  • Practice your TOEFL listening and vocabulary on

  • Practice GRE writing by choosing a prompt from the pool of Issue Task topics and Argument Task topics.

  • Watch some videos, read some essays, and do some exercises from The College Essay Guy to practice your essay writing.

  • Search for English language podcasts, YouTube videos, Ted Talks, TV series on topics of interest to you and enjoy!

  • Miss a past class? Review all of the past lessons and walk yourself through the exercises by joining each class's Group here.

Do you have other suggestions for how to continue to practice English even when we aren't meeting for class? Please comment below and share your ideas with your classmates!

See you in July!


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